What are servers, why are they a critcal part of our global infastructure?

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What are servers, why are they a critcal part of our global infastructure?

Hello everyone! Welcome back, today, we will be talking about what servers are, and why they are a part of our global infrastructure . 


Let’s start off with the first question, what is a server? 


Server’s are housed in somewhere called a datacenter (we’ll talk about them in a later article). A server at said datacenter like, Digital Ocean, Contabo, will be powered, housed, cooled, and connected to the internet. The servers purpose is to send data to other servers, computers, phones, and cell towers. (or if your me, host games on there)


Now that we get where they are at, and what they’re general purpose is, why are they apart of our global infrastructure?


Wether you believe it or not, servers play a huge role in our everyday lives, from texting, to playing games. Cell phones, and the internet are all hosted by servers. Without servers, the internet would simply not exist… This is because of a thing called Domain Name System (DNS). The way DNS works is by having something a normal human being could read, like example.com. While you see example.com, a server would see an IP address like 185.293.128. This is how the entire internet works. Organizations like ICANN manages DNS, but they can’t stop spam and things like that.


Well I hope you enjoyed this Crash Course, I know it was a rather long one, make sure to come back for my next one if you enjoyed this one!





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