Keshwati's daughter

 Keshwati's daughter

Once upon a time there lived a man with his wife in a village. They had no children. Both wish to have a baby on their lap. He will call them parents. But their desire is not fulfilled.

In fact, there are no people in their family. Their house is small, neat and tidy. A witch lived behind their house. His house had a vegetable garden. Beautiful fresh vegetables were available in this garden throughout the year. Vegetables from the market ran out, but vegetables from Diniburi's garden were available throughout the year. Surrounded by a high walled garden. No one dared to climb over this wall and enter the garden. Everyone was afraid of witches. Because everyone knew that this old woman possessed terrible magical powers.

One day the woman looked into the garden through the small window of her room. Inside the vegetable garden saw a vegetable garden full of fresh leaves. There are all kinds of vegetables from carrots, cabbage, cauliflower, radish. But none of these are available to buy in the market. The woman was surprised to see the cabbage. What beautiful cabbages. Fresh green and green. It looks like

Green Fair is held. They looked so fresh and delicious. I want this cabbage, the woman thought to herself.

But you can't find it if you want. The garden belongs to Diniburi. It is not possible to steal the cabbage by avoiding his eyes. Even if you ask, Diniburi will not give. So the way? The woman began to feel ill at the thought of how to eat them.

Seeing this condition of her husband got upset. He asked, "Dear wife, what's wrong with you?"

The wife replied, “You can't do anything for me. Because what I want is beyond our means and it would be dangerous to even attempt it.” His wife's voice sounded pitiful.

Then she took her husband to the window and showed him the vegetable garden of Diniburi. Then told him the problem, "I am sure that if I don't eat at least one cabbage from Diniburi's garden, I will die very soon."

The woman's husband loved the woman very much. “You cannot die without eating this little cabbage while I am here,” he said. I'll get you some cabbage. I will pay the price I have to pay.”

About the next day. As evening approached, Swami climbed over the garden wall of Dainiburi and then entered the garden. He quickly picked up several cabbages with both hands. Then whenever he goes to knock on the wall he hears the scream of the witch from behind.

"How dare you! How dare you enter my garden? You are running away with my fresh cabbage like a thief in the garden!”

The witch glared at the man in a way that could strike fear into anyone's heart. The man was also afraid, but did not show it on his face.

But still the witch continued to shout, “Surely you must be punished for this. You must die.”

"Please me," cried the man. I did this only for my wife. If I don't feed him at least one cabbage, he'll literally die."

What did the witch think after hearing his words. Then he looked at the man and said, “Hmmm, if that's true then he can eat as much cabbage as he likes. But I have one condition, you have to give me the child the day after your wife has a child. I will raise her just like my daughter.

The man immediately agreed to these words of Dainiburi. Because he

He knows for sure, when they have not had any children for so many years, there is no possibility of having them in the future. After being released from the witch, he went to his wife. The wife was very happy to get several fresh cabbages together. absolute

Satisfied, he ate a few cabbages that day.

Then a few weeks passed. The woman realized that she was going to be a mother. That means soon a baby will come to their house. The woman and her husband were overjoyed.

In time, they had a girl with feet like an angel. His complexion is amazing. Her hair is beautiful. He is so young but his hair is down to his feet. The husband and wife were truly happy for so long. They don't remember the witch anymore.

But the witch did not forget anything. The day after the baby was born, he showed up at their house. Then in a blink of an eye he moved towards the baby lying in the cradle.

Seeing the witch, the husband and wife ran to the swing. But how can you do with witches. The witch disappeared in an instant with the child. The man and his wife started crying.

But the witch did not stay in that area with the girl. He was taken to a very high tower in a distant forest. He kept the girl inside and closed the door. There is no door in that tower, no stairs, only a small window that is very high up. The witch named the girl Keshwati.

Day by day, Keshwati started growing up without her parents. He thought of the witch as his mother. As he grew older, his hair also began to grow. When he was twelve years old, his hair was fifty cubits long. When the witch wanted to come to the tower from outside, she used to sing from below - Keshwati Keshwati where is your hair.

Keshwati used to throw her long locks of hair down from the tower window as soon as she heard about the witch. And the witch used to climb up the tower by that lock of hair. A few more years passed like this. Dainiburi used to leave Keshwati every morning and go somewhere far away.

At this time, Keshwati lived alone in this high tower. He used to sing while sitting near the window. He was accompanied by all the birds of the forest. The witch used to come back just before evening.

One day a king's son was wandering in the forest chasing game. Keshwati is sitting near the window and singing. The sound of this melodious song came to the ears of the prince. The prince followed the tune of the song and came near the tower.

When he came near the tower, he realized that the music was coming from inside this high tower. He looked round and round the tower, but could find no way up the tower.

Day after day passed. But the prince could not find the source of the tune of the melodious song. The prince's insistence was suppressed. In any case, he must find the source of the melody by climbing this tower. Every day the prince stands under a bush under the tower and listens to the music and looks for a way to climb the tower.

One day the prince was standing behind a bush. Suddenly he saw someone coming towards the tower through the forest. Seeing him, the prince hid behind a bush. He saw an old woman with tangled hair standing at the base of the tower. Then looked up and sang in tune - Keshwati Keshwati where is your hair.

And immediately a bunch of hair from the top of the tower came down to the very base of the tower. The prince looked up and saw a beautiful girl dropping a lock of hair from his head. The witch climbed up through that tuft of hair.

Seeing this scene, the wise prince realized that there must be a beautiful girl on this tower. And the hair on his head is so big that he can climb the tower through that hair. The wise prince hid behind a bush and waited. The night ended and the light of day appeared. The prince saw the witch come down from the tower with her hair down. Then, looking around, he went into the forest.

After waiting for a while, the prince came to the base of the tower. Then she imitated her voice like a witch and sang - Keshwati Keshwati where is your hair.

Keshwati thought, the witch is back again. She immediately let her long hair hang out. After looking at the long hair, the prince climbed up and entered through the window of the tower. Entered and saw a beautiful girl sitting near the window. This girl has long hair. The prince looked at him blankly.

Keshwati never expected this. He had never seen any other human except the witch in his life. So the prince was surprised at first. Then fear appeared in his dagger eyes.

The prince went a little further, then said to Keshwati, "Don't be afraid, beautiful girl." I will not harm you. I heard your song and understood the pain you are alone.

The prince thought, he had never seen such a beautiful girl like Keshwati before.

Keshwati also thought, he is the most beautiful looking boy in the world I have seen. I have never seen such a boy in my life. And thus in this short time both of them liked each other. Then the two started to talk. Once the prince told Keshwati, in any way, he will rescue Keshwati from this tower and take her to his country. Then they will get married.

Meanwhile Dainiburi goes out every morning and comes back a little before evening. As soon as he went out that day, Diniburi's mind began to wonder. By afternoon he was back at the base of the tower. Then called - Keshwati Keshwati where is your hair.

Both Keshavarti and Rajkumar were startled. As they talk, neither of them notices that it is time for the witch to return. They don't know what to do. On the other hand, the witch called again from below - Keshwati Keswarti where is your hair.

This time Keshwati hid the prince behind a curtain and let his hair fall from above. Immediately the witch came up through that hair. Then he wanted to know why he did not lose his hair as soon as he called. Keshavarti remained silent without saying anything. But the witch felt that there was someone else in the room. He then started searching the whole house.

Once he found the prince. Seeing him, the witch was very angry. Realized that the prince was able to come to the top of the tower by Keshwati's hair.

In the blink of an eye, the witch cuts Keshwati's long hair with sharp scissors Chopped it up. Then he took the prince to the window and pushed him down.

While pushing Rajkumar down, Keshwati also jumped down from the window with him. In fact, he understood within that time He can't survive without Prince.

Meanwhile, both of them fell down on the bushes and fainted. The witch looked down through the tower window.

But by that time it was dark in the forest. Moreover, Keshwati's hair is no longer like top down. He does not have the courage to jump from above.

Meanwhile, the companions of the prince were looking for the prince in the jungle. Once they were surprised to see the prince lying unconscious in the bush. They were even more surprised right next to him. Seeing a beautiful girl lying unconscious. Then they mounted the two on their horses and quickly set off for their kingdom.

Both recovered under Rajhekim's treatment after returning to the state. Then seeing an auspicious day, the king of that kingdom married Keshwati to the prince.

Meanwhile, no one can truly say what happened to the fate of that witch. But when you enter the forest, a girl's voice screams from afar - Keshwati Keshwati where is your hair. Many people can hear that noise and go near the tower. But saw the tower. no How to get? What is the tower and can be seen now! It has been covered in deep forest for a long time.


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