Mistakes to Avoid in Choosing a Wife

A wife is a woman who lives with a man as her companion through legal or custom means, she does all the females work at home to please him. A woman becomes a wife after being married to a man. 

Wikipedia described a wife as a woman in a marital relationship. Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the word wife as a woman acting in a specified capacity, she is a female partner in marriage. A woman ceases to be a  wife legally when she unties her knots to a man, she is no longer called with the name wife but a widow. 

A wife is a life partner of a man, so as a husband is a life partner of a woman when there is a union between the two as marriage. Choosing a wife these days is one of the arduous tasks to carry out by a man and care needs to be taken to avoid making the wrong choice. 

When it comes to choosing a wife, a lot of men make mistakes, choosing a wife that will make their life worrisome and difficult in all aspects of living, a case can be seen in Elon Musk the world's richest man divorcing his wife because she was not the perfect wife for him. 

Many movie stars have divorced their wives because of improper check on before getting married to them or choosing them as their life partners. You might have heard or read about the broken marriages of celebrities, notable personalities and famous people in the world just because of the mistakes they initially made in choosing their life partners who became their wives. 

To avoid such mistakes of choosing a wrong wife in your life, let's get into the points you should know before making a move to marry a woman as your wife or life partner. 


A wife that is gold digger


A woman who married a man with the intention of gaining or achieving wealth from him after staying with him for some time is called a gold digger, so many men have made the mistakes of marrying a wife they blindly fall in love with without finding the truth about love being shown to them by their female partner, they are much reluctant about their partners love sincerity they only believe on the facial expression or openness. 

An instance of gold digging marriages can be sighted in football, where a lady becomes a wife of a footballer for a short period of time to look for divorce later and earn half of what he gains from his weekly wages. 

Thierry Henry spent much of his  career in England at Arsenal football club, on leaving to play at Barcelona, a Spanish club, his wife filed a divorce, she got half of the share of the wealth he earns at arsenal, another example is on Thomas Tuchel a Bayern Munich club coach whose wife filed a divorce after he won the Champions League with Chelsea football club in 2021. 

Achraf Hakimi, one of the highest paid Paris-saint German players has trended in the news some months ago when his wife filed a divorce against him, only for the jury to find out that he has zero account and his bucks is paid into his mom's bank account. All these are examples of gold digging marriages. 

Always understand the wife you are getting married to psychologically, is she going to be a gold digger or not. Doing so, you are avoiding the mistakes others made in choosing their wives or live partners. 


Unfaithful wife


A wife can be unfaithful to her husband, being in a relationship with other men and cheating on him. Always understand the intimate faithfulness of your girlfriend that will become your wife before you approach her with the talk of being your wife. 

Kim Kardashian has been a celebrity whose faithfulness in marriage was the main reason for breaking away from Kanye West, her ex-husband. She was suspected by her husband to sleep with a man in the shooting of the prison break series. Unfaithfulness is a characteristic of some wives, always avoiding them by studying their behaviors. 


Unsupportive wife


A wife should be supportive of her husband in all aspects, she is a life partner, and she fails, when he fails the same applies to his success. But some wives are unsupportive of their husbands, discouraging them in all their daily work. 

A supportive wife will stand by her husband during financial crises and at the time of hardship, but some wives leave their life partners immediately they fall into financial problems to take care of the family and in hardship. Avoid unsupportive wives at all costs. 

Understand the behavior of the girl before proposing an engagement or making her your wife, can she stand by you at both exotic and hardship times? Have a study of her behavior at potential and loss financial situations. 


Uneducated wife


Education is light, when a wife is educated she does things right in an educated way. Being uneducated may bring more hitches to the  life of her partner. Especially if she needs to perform some activities for him as his helper. 

"When girls are educated, their countries become stronger and more prosperous." Michelle Obama


Wife that is not your type


Many men make the mistake of choosing a woman to become their wives who are not their type. Some women have their way of living, some are from wealthy homes, others from rich backgrounds. If you know she is not  your standard, don't approach her with marriage talk. Always look for your type to avoid marriage problems and the mistakes others have made in choosing a wife. 

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