Team pakistan for asia cup

Pakistn team squard has announced for asia cup. Some new player are playing in this event and more telented player aren't playing in this event, why? Anyone knows about this no, beacuse pakistani team got selected on comendence.

After injri of shaheen sha afri they should to ply Muhammad Amir byt they don't, they play hassan ali who has no performence in his career. Pakistan and india's will ply against each other on 28th augest. But pakistani team is too much loose againt india and their record is too much bad against indian tea.

Here is question rise. Will team pakistan play well or not, will they beat india or not because india's team is too much strong as compere to pakistan's team.

I wish they woild play good nd perform good on this event. But its a question mark on the slecting of this team.

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