Why Should You Choose AngularJS For Web Application?

Are you a business owner looking to develop a robust & dynamic web application and now evaluating different technologies for your project? 


However, choosing the right technology for your project can be overwhelming, with many options. 


But what if we tell you that there is a framework that could deliver exceptional user experiences, save you development time and costs, and scale effortlessly as your business grows?


Yes! It's all possible with the AngularJS framework. AngularJS is a popular and widely-used JavaScript framework that offers numerous benefits for web app development, like easy maintenance, improved productivity, etc. 


Choosing AngularJS for your web application is a wise decision that can significantly benefit your business. To get the best outcomes, you can hire AngularJS developers for your project.


If you are ready to take the next step and bring your web app vision to life with AngularJS, read out this blog as it explains the benefits of AngularJS. 


Let's begin.


Top 8 Reasons To Use Angular JS For Web Applications


  1. You Can Reuse the Code


One of the primary reasons for choosing Angular JS framework is its facility to reuse the code. It allows developers to create components and modules that can be reused across multiple parts of an application. 


For business owners, this means that development resources can be used more efficiently, allowing for faster time to market and a better return on investment.


  1. Two-way Data Binding


Two-way data binding is one of the critical features of AngularJS that makes it stand out as a robust web app development framework. It allows developers to change the user interfaces, affecting the objects of web applications directly. This means developers don't have to write additional code to manually update the view or model - AngularJS takes care of it automatically. 

  1. MVC and MVVM Architecture Integration


AngularJS is based on the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture, with an additional layer called the View Model (MVVM). This architecture separates an application's business logic (the model) from the user interface (the view) & the control logic (the controller/view model), making it easier to maintain, update, and test code. 


You can take full advantage of this functionality by hiring an experienced web app development company to implement it directly in your applications.


  1. Declarative and Less Coding


Most developers and business owners pick this framework because of the declarative and less coding approach. Instead of writing many low-level codes to achieve a specific functionality, developers can use AngularJS's built-in directives and templates to create complex user interfaces with less code. 


These directives provide a clear and concise way of describing how the application should behave without extensive coding. 


  1. Testing Capabilities That Are Extensive


The AngularJS framework has a built-in testing framework called "Protractor," which allows for end-to-end testing of web applications. Furthermore, AngularJS provides powerful debugging tools, such as dependency injection & real-time feedback loops, that enable developers to identify and fix issues quickly and easily.


As a result, developers can reduce the risk of costly errors, downtime, and security breaches by testing their code thoroughly and continuously. 

  1. Easy to Use


AngularJS is a highly user-friendly web app development platform. Compared with other JS frameworks, this technology makes creating huge web apps easier since it demands lighter code. 


With AngularJS, developers can quickly create modular, reusable components and easily bind data to them using simple, declarative syntax. The framework also provides a range of built-in directives and services that handle common tasks such as form validation and HTTP requests, reducing the code developers need to write.

  1. Large Community Support


AngularJS was developed and is currently being maintained by Google. It benefits from a large community of experts constantly prepared to contribute.


With a large community, developers can access a wealth of resources, such as tutorials, blogs, forums, and code samples, which they can use to solve problems, learn new techniques, and enhance their skills. The community also provides frequent updates, bug fixes, and security patches, ensuring that AngularJS remains a reliable and secure framework. 


Additionally, AngularJS community members create various plugins, extensions, and tools that extend the framework's functionality and help developers build applications more efficiently.


  1. High Performance


AngularJS is a robust JavaScript framework that provides high performance for web applications. One of the key reasons for this is its two-way data binding system, which allows changes in the data model to be automatically reflected in the view without requiring manual updates. 


It results in faster rendering and reduces the number of server requests needed, leading to a more responsive and efficient web application. 


The framework also includes features such as lazy loading, which enables loading resources only when needed, reducing initial load times and improving application performance. 



Nowadays, front-end development services are in high demand. And AngularJS has emerged as one of the most popular frameworks for creating robust and interactive web applications. 


Due to its versatility, code-reusability, high performance, etc., AngularJS has become a preferred choice for building powerful web apps. As a business owner, you can leverage the benefits of AngularJS by hiring an experienced web app development company for your web project. 


With its widespread popularity and increasing demand, industry professionals recommend using AngularJS for your web app development needs, no matter how small or large your business is. 

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